Wyandot Mutual Insurance Stage




Thursday's Stage Schedule

Wyandot Mutual Insurance Co.

Thanky you to Wyandot Mutual Insurance company for sponsoring the Rensselaer Stage for 2018.

Wyandot Mutual Insurance Co. is the premier Assessment Mutual Insurance Company in Ohio, specializing in Standard Fire, Homeowner, and Farmowner Policies. Our common sense approach to underwriting allows our policies to be customized to meet the needs of our insureds.

11:00 2018 Bratwurst Festival Boyd Long Opening Ceremony

Join us Thursday at 11:30 AM. for the Bratwurst Festival Boyd Long Opening Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony for the Bratwurst Festival has been re-named the "Boyd Long Opening Ceremony" in honor of long time festival supporter, and the guy who delivered over 45 years worth of "The Ceremonial First Bratwurst". 

The Bratwurst Festival won't be the same without you, Boyd, but we will carry on in your honor!

3:30 Princess Pageant

The Princess Pageant crowning ceremony will take place prior to the start of the Queens Pageant so the contestants can participate in the parade.

5:30 - Junior Princess Pageant


8:00 - Queen's Pageant

The Queen and Court will reign for a period of one year. They will have the opportunity to travel, learn about other communities in Ohio, meet many new friends, and gain experience speaking in public as they share with others information about our festival.

Friday's Stage Schedule

1:00 - Bucyrus Nazarene Church Praise Band


4:00 - Polka Pirates

A crowd favorite fun-time band!! All styles of Polkas and Waltzes, Standards, Big Band, Country, Irish and even a little Rock and Roll !!! Playing throughout Northeast Ohio, Western Pa., Michigan, Indiana and Canada. Fun times and great memories. We have the best fans and friends a band could have. We ALL have a great time at every event. Come join us soon.

8:00 - Erik Gimbel Big Band


Saturday's Stage Schedule

12:00 - New Washington Band


1:30 - OSU Alumni Band

The Active Band consists of members of the TBDBITL Alumni Club who wish to play and perform on a regular basis. The Active Band rehearses twice a month at the Steinbrenner Band Center in Ohio Stadium, and makes 10-12 appearances in Ohio each year from marching in parades to performing formal stage concerts.

3:00 - Richard Wiener


7:00 - United in Harmony