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Bratwurst Eating Contest Results

Ages 6-11
1st: Isaac Beck
2nd: Dominic Umasulita
3rd: Haylie Kovach

Ages 12-17
1st: Cassie Willman
2nd: Levi Kesling 
3rd: Silas Hero

Ages 18+ women
1st: Becky Mills
2nd: Stephanie Willman
3rd: Maria Frisone and Heather Martin

Ages 18+ men
1st: Matt Jeffrey
2nd: Clifford Beck III
3rd: Joshua Malone

Pizza Eating Contest Results

Ages 0-6
1st: Michael Cramer
2nd: Devon Stump
3rd: Markus Fackler

Ages 7-11
1st: Tyson Smith
2nd: Silas Hero
3rd: Haylie Kovach

Ages 12-17
1st: Giovanni Dorsey
2nd: Madie Wagner
3rd: Don Mills

Ages 18+
1st: Tyler Hedrick
2nd: Victor Parlier

3rd: Michael Brown

Ice Cream Eating Contest Results

Ages 0-6
1st: Tanner McClellan
2nd: Summer Hall
3rd: Devin Stump

Ages 7-10
1st: Emmi Powers
2nd: Braxton Hall
3rd: Haylie Kovach

Ages 11-17
1st: Clay Ledbetter
2nd: Rebecca Smith
3rd: Allison Wright

Ages 18+
1st: Nick Powers
2nd: Jacob Thompson
3rd: Cody Stahl

Cream Puff Eating Contest Results

Ages 0-7
1st place: Addison Malone
2nd: Kamden Hensley
3rd: Aubrii Malone

Ages 8-9
1st: Haylie Kovach
2nd: Haleigh Pifer
3rd: Ella Albert

Ages 10-12 
1st: Levi Kessling
2nd: Madison McKinniss
3rd: Kyle Pifer

Ages 18+
1st: Jason Loyer
2nd: Josh Malone
3rd: Rob Van Scoit